upgrade your experience with technology solutions

VGM Education offers more than training and education, we also offer technology solutions to make ensuring compliance and education easy. 

Connect VGM Education to Your HR System

Invest in your team by integrating your human resources information system (HRIS) with VGM Education's learning management system. It's a cost-effective solution to automate administrative tasks, streamline onboarding processes, and maintain compliance. Download the flyer.

Online Employee Performance System

Our employee performance system streamlines and automates processes, ensuring timely operations and compliance with industry standards. Effortlessly monitor staff performance, set benchmarks, and maintain service quality. Download the flyer.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Enhance user experience through convenience and simplicity as well as bolstering security by reducing password fatigue and the likelihood of weak password creation. SSO boosts productivity by cutting down on time spent managing passwords and aids IT departments by lowering the number of support requests. 

Custom Canvas

Personalize your facilities' digital experience with your logo, colors, or other branding. 

OIG/SAM Reporting

Ensure compliance with federal regulations and safeguarding patient welfare with VGM Education's OIG/SAM reporting tool. By facilitating the screening and monitoring of individuals and entities against exclusion lists, prevent engagement with parties who have been barred due to fraud, abuse, or other misconduct.

Infection Compliance Solutions (ICS) Tool

ICS is a comprehensive platform designed to help your facility develop and maintain a proactive infection control program without the headache. Built for efficiency, the tool streamlines information entry, report creation, and medication stewardship, all while fulfilling federal regulations F880 and F881. And it’s easy to use, so staff spend less time working with data and more time working with residents. Visit the ICS Tool page


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