Discover CE Solutions

Discover CE Solutions

Continuing Education for Senior Care Professionals 

As experts in senior care, CE Solutions partners with you to meet compliance requirements while streamlining your staff education process through our online learning platform efficiently, effectively, and economically. CE Solutions courses are designed to meet the needs of health care staff in skilled nursing, assisted living, home health, and hospice environments. We’re more than just a learning management system (LMS), we offer vast reporting capabilities, a catalog of more than 300 senior care specific courses, live customer support, and more. Our courses cover all the state and federal requirements for staff education topics. Click here to explore why CE Solutions is a great learning management solution. 


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  • Over 300 senior care specific available courses and 1,000 total courses. 
  • We realize not all people have the same learning style. All courses are developed in a multimedia format that allows for interactivity, audio and video to meet a variety of different learning styles.
  • Courses are updated annually - more frequently if a change has occurred with regulations or treatment.
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Compliance Solutions 

CE Solutions provides HR personnel and training coordinators with a suite of tools designed to meet compliance requirements with:

  • On-demand reporting functions.
  • Customized training packages to meet the learners' specific needs.
  • Tracking of time learners spend in the course material.
  • Monitoring course completions or courses in progress.
  • Viewing employee test scores and test attempts in order to monitor staff strengths and weaknesses.
  • Upload custom content

Customer Service 

 CE Solutions customers are assigned a customer service representative for the duration of their contract with us. No question is too small, no problem too big for a training solution at CE Solutions.

Your personal customer service representative will

  • Assist you in filling out the spreadsheet for onboarding of your employees into the CES e-learning system.
  • Train your staff in accessing the system and taking a course.
  • Train your HR staff and training professionals in use of the administrative functions of the e-learning system.
  • Respond promptly to questions or concerns that may occur as the education platform is implemented.


Every CE Solutions customer is assigned a customer service representative who is available to assist you with any questions you might have, and will have your staff using the system in no time.

  • Onboarding your staff is a simple process that is often completed in two weeks or less. You simply give us your list of employees in a spreadsheet provided to you, and we do the rest!
  • Staff is trained by your personal customer service representative who walks them through the beginning process of logging in to the final completion step of printing their certificates.
  • HR managers and training personnel receive personalized training from your assigned customer service representative so that you know how to easily utilize the administrative functions of the e-learning system.

Infection Compliance Solutions (ICS) tool 

Managing a facility’s infection control program while meeting state and federal regulations is a big job. To ensure resident safety with an effective, compliant Infection Prevention and Control Program, you need a tool that gives you every advantage. ICS gives you that edge to easily track antibiotic usage, surveillance cases and residents on precautions. Learn more