Infection Compliance Solutions


Easy Data and Compliance Tracking at Your Fingertips


Controlling infections and tracking medication usage has always been a challenge. Now with the added pressure of a pandemic, meeting CMS regulations is no easy feat. To keep residents safe with an effective, compliant Infection Prevention and Control Program, you need a tool that gives you every advantage.

Infection Compliance Solutions (ICS) gives you that edge.

ICS is a comprehensive platform designed to help your facility develop and maintain a proactive infection control program without the headache. Built for efficiency, the tool streamlines information entry, report creation, and medication stewardship, all while fulfilling federal regulations F880 and F881. And it’s easy to use, so staff spends less time working with data and more time working with residents.

Why ICS?

  • Track antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal usage in your facility
  • Record information on residents, physicians, locations, and cases
  • Carry over unfinished medication and days of therapy to the next month
  • Generate monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Easy-to-analyze data for developing infection control strategies
  • Regular feature updates for increased value over time

Stay compliant, stay efficient with ICS.

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