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  • I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much Remco Medical appreciates VGM University and its staff. The University offers a wide range of courses to meet the training needs of our HME employees. The curriculum is relevant and comprehensive. Additionally, the VGMU staff is always responsive to our questions and suggestions. VGMU is a valuable resource for our training needs! In our efforts to obtain accreditation, we are using VGMU's course catalog as our compass for identifying and managing our training needs.
  • Michele S. - Joliet, IL
  • The "Valuing People with Disabilities as Customers" was a great course. It helps people realize that we are all different and it is something to enjoy. Everyone is different for a reason.
  • Brigette B. - Cleburne, TX
  • The material in the "Medical Terminology - Part 1" course was presented in a way that made it really easy to follow. It had several reoccurring words, so that I could really get a good understanding of them. I was able to develop a great base of root words, pre fixes and suffixes!
  • Brooke M. - Kent, WA
  • The "Keys to Managing Your Stress" was a great course! It was well written and more than I expected from the course title! Great links with great tools to print out!
  • Sherri C. - Waterloo, IA
  • The course "Keys to Managing Your Stress" had excellent points on watching for signs and symptoms of your personal stress level. Printouts will be helpful in targeting my stress and dealing with it. Fantastic course.
  • Laurie B. - Waterloo, IA
  • The "Handling Complaints" course felt like the test was given by someone who knew exactly what we customer service representatives go through on a daily basis and knows the challenges we take. I found out that a couple of things that I was saying like "I'll do the best I can" and "I've never really heard of that happening before" are not good phrases to use with cusomers. So I will not be using those phrases anymore.
  • Beatrice A. - Azusa, CA
  • The "Sales and Marketing Strategies" course was very helpful on key things to look for when marketing. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to take this course. I look forward to taking more. Thanks!
  • Brian S. - Lincoln, NE
  • The course on "Bloodborne Pathogens," as with all the other courses I have completed with VGMU, was concise, comprehensive, and constructive in facilitating my goal of furthering my education. I count VGM's virtual courses as nothing less than the perfect opportunity in accomplishing this goal. Thank you, VGM!
  • Doug D. - Fort Bragg, CA
  • The "Customer Service Strategies" course helped me to understand that customer service goes beyond the customer service representatives and involves the whole company. It helped to understand that each customer is different and should be treated as so, they are the main reason we are in business.
  • Reza S. - College Point, NY
  • The course "How HME Works" was very informative. Being new to the HME field, it explained the overall process and intent of HME. My opinion would be to require this course within the first 30-90 days of employment, especially for anyone entering the field with no prior exposure.
  • Paula E. - Waterloo, IA
  • The "Employee Orientation" course was easy to understand and gave new ideas on orientation with our new employees. I especially liked the sample checklist forms that we could adopt into our business.
  • Annette V. - Joliet, IL