VGM Secure for cybersecurity: train your employees, the weakest link against hackers

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VGM Secure: I.T. Security Awareness Training Videos

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Hackers know the weakest link in any data and network environment is the person on the computer. By clicking on a link or attachment in a malicious email, your employee can inadvertently open up your business to significant financial loss.

VGM Secure powered by Ninjio is a series of animated videos developed to increase your employees’ awareness of cybersecurity risks, helping to protect your network against hacking attacks. By having employees watch these videos, you strengthen your network security by training them to be another line of defense.

Each animated three- to four-minute episode is professionally designed to engage and educate your employees about cybersecurity threats.  Actual security breaches and real-life situations are the basis for each video. A new episode is released every 30 days to reinforce security awareness regularly. The interactive production of each episode increases employee engagement with applicable quizzing.