Back to School – Time to Review Employee Education and Training

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By Dorothy de Souza Guedes, VGM Education

Does back to school have you thinking about whether your staff is on track to fulfill CEUs before year-end deadlines? It may seem overwhelming to plan of requirements and scheduling for each employee’s needs, let alone think about adding want to’s to an ever-growing list of must do’s.

Continuing Education is Good for BusinessVGM Special Programs and Certificates

Professional development – continuing education – goes beyond compliance training: the more you invest in employees, the better the outcomes for your customers and patients. Studies show that helping employees to develop professionally can make them more loyal and productive and assist with succession planning, among other positives.

VGM members have many opportunities to train and educate employees through various VGM programs.

“VGM will not only educate and empower your staff through in-person training and online programs but will enhance your business operations,” said Paul DiMarco, president, VGM Education.

Track Learning Monthly

Whatever your process for tracking employee training, running monthly reports helps employees stay on track rather than waiting until the last minute, said Megan Kraft, Inside Sales and Customer Service manager for VGM Education. This can also help with scheduling training time for employees who do not typically have access to a computer at work.

"You can save that report in your file each month, so you know which courses people have yet to complete," Kraft said.

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What you Need to Know

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