It’s time for a sneak peek of the new look and feel!

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It’s time for a sneak peek of the new look and feel!


We are committed to being a partner with our customers. As part of being a partner, we routinely ask for feedback and suggestions on how to make the learning management system better for all of your employees. The updated version of the VGM Education system has all of the functionality of the current system, but incorporates your feedback in such a way as to allow for easier management of your learning.


What will employees have available to them with the enhancements?

·       The login page will allow them to view their learning assignments as soon as they login.

·       Updated employee profile page that contains a graphical representation of their learning process and a dashboard of their courses.

·       Course Assignments can be scheduled ahead to allow for implementation of the annual training calendar at the beginning of the year.


What is not changing?

·       Commitment to being partners with our customers.

·       Quality, industry leading course content.

·       Exceptional customer service.


Below is a sneak peek of the new employee profile page that will be available for your use once the new look is functional for your organization. If there is someone else that you would like to receive the upcoming emails about the improvements, please email [email protected] and they will be added to our communication list. Next week we will share with you the calendar of opportunities where you can login to a demo that will show you how to navigate the new look and functionality.

Thank you so much for your partnership. We value it and want to make sure that we are providing you with the best partnership that we can.




Cindy Diehl Yang

Vice President, VGM Education