8 Tips to Start Protecting Your Business Online Now

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VGM Secure cybersecurity training

By Cassi Price, VGM Forbin

A common misconception among small businesses is that they’re too small to be attacked online. The fact is the enemy sees your small business as an easy target. In 2014, 60 percent of all online attacks targeted small- and mid-size businesses. Research also states that one in four small-business owners understand very little about security threats, which makes the small business a prime target for hacks. The threats don’t stop there.

According to McAfee, 43 percent of all company data loss or breaches are caused by employees; only half of which are accidental. While we agree that your employees are probably your greatest asset, they can also be your greatest threat.

In order to keep your business safe, the team at VGM Forbin is providing you with tips to prepare your cyber defense, both on your website and in your office:

No. 5
Employee education – Are your employees aware of the latest cybersecurity threats to your business? Facilitate training with your employees so that they are educated on proper security measures, and be sure to retrain regularly using new cyber threats to keep them prepared. VGM Education offers an online training program called VGM Secure, which is designed to educate your employees about cybersecurity. Contact Megan Kraft at [email protected] or 888-786-6628 for details.

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