Model Good Health Habits to Protect Employees, Customers from Flu

Influenza and Work infographic

Posted On: October 10, 2016 in: CEUs, continuing education, education, health care, healthcare, safety, VGM Education

Want to know more about influenza and earn CEUs? The VGMU Online Education course DMGT036 – Overview of Influenza has been updated with 2016-2017 flu season information. Not yet a VGMU user? Contact Megan Kraft at 888-786-6628.  By Dorothy de Souza Guedes, VGM Education To reduce absenteeism during flu season, encourage sick workers to stay home. That may seem counterintuitive, but one ill employee can expose dozens of coworkers – and customers – to the flu. Nearly 60 percent of reported flu hospitalizations are adults 18 to 64 – our prime working years. The flu costs billions in direct medical expenses plus billions more in lost earnings. The overall economic burden? About $87 billion a year.  There are steps you as a business owner or manager can take to minimize the impact on your bottom line and the health of employees and customers.  Sick Employees Employers and managers should model good flu prevention behaviors, said Stephanie...