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What is VGMU?

VGMU is an internet-based "college:"

Continuing education delivered to your computer

24/7 access to courses and manager reporting functions

Individual user profiles

Cost-effective, online education is available through VGMU and meets accreditation requirements for continuing education. Scores of courses cover all aspects of HME operations written by industry experts and provide continuing education credits from nationally recognized credentialing organizations. Each course offers testing and interactive feedback. Managerial reports and tracking capabilities are available for each participant.

How can I get my company set up?

Call VGM Education at 866-227-8171 to sign up. If your company is already signed up for VGMU, please contact your group manager so he/she can enroll you to take courses.

When can we begin using VGMU?

Once you have talked to an Education associate, we will get your information set up in our system. Your unique login and password will be emailed to you within one business day.

How can VGMU help me in my present job and prepare me for promotion within my company?

VGMU Online Learning provides a comprehensive knowledge base for both new employees and seasoned veterans alike. VGMU Online Learning’s curriculum is set to include courses designed to prepare employees for future promotions within their company. Grow your career with VGMU Online Learning!

How much does VGMU cost?

VGMU Online Learning pricing varies based on the number of employees using the system. The charge covers unlimited usage and an unlimited amount of courses available for employees to use.

For information about pricing, please contact Acasia Gardner at 800-473-2173 or email [email protected].


Why should I invest in online education for my staff?

As a comprehensive online resource, VGMU is designed to complement other training opportunities you provide to your employees. VGMU Online Learning courses provide up-to-date information that all of your employees need to be successful in their jobs. VGMU fills a need for subject knowledge in core areas and is designed to prepare your employees for advancement within your company.

VGMU Online Learning also meets accreditation requirements for continuing education.

How many courses can I take during the month?

One of the benefits of VGMU Online Learning is that there is no limit to the number of courses that a student can take during the month. All users enjoy unlimited course access every month.

Are VGMU courses approved for CEUs?

Yes! VGM Education is accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). VGM Education complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. IACET CEUs can be submitted to many credentialing bodies such as NRRTS, RESNA, etc. for consideration. Please contact your state board or specific credentialing body to check if they accept IACET CEUs.

We also offer AARC, CCMC, BOC and ABC credits.

Will I receive a certificate of completion once I finish a course?

Yes! Each time a student successfully passes a VGMU course, he/she is given the opportunity to print a certificate of completion. Many VGMU Online Learning students use this certificate as proof of completion for job reviews and continuing education credit.

How do I log into VGMU?

The login and password are provided to you by your company’s VGMU Online Learning manager. Remember, your password is case sensitive and must be at least five characters long (letters and/or numbers).
Click here to login!

How long does it take to complete a course?

The actual time it takes to complete a course depends on a number of factors, including individual student knowledge and course complexity.

Who writes the courses?

Most VGMU Online Learning courses are written by a group of well-known industry experts. VGM participating vendors also lend their expertise to us in creating courses.

In addition, a select few employees at VGM have written courses pertaining to an area of their expertise such as HIPAA, finances or government relations.

Can I assign courses for a specific job type?

Yes! Take a look at a listing of the courses by job category. VGMU Online Learning has suggested courses by job categories, allowing your manager the flexibility to assign only those courses they would like their employees to take.

Do you have a listing of all the courses?

A complete listing of these courses is available on our course catalog.

What are the categories of subjects?

To name a few, we have: 

Who can I contact for help?

For questions or concerns about VGMU Online Learning please contact VGM Education by calling 866-227-8171 or by emailing [email protected]. We are in the office from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What are others saying about VGMU Online Learning?

Every day we receive feedback from members about the online university. Kudos have been posted.

How can I view a sample course?

If you are interested in getting a more in-depth look at VGMU Online Learning, call 866-227-8171 to receive a demo from one of our trained professionals.

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